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No water accumulates at floors and it is not necessary to cove the structures with any kind of material. Avoiding plasters during application can help making corrections. If there is a problem regarding water, heat insulation material or any kind of breakdowns (water,electrical,waste water installment shafts etc.) would help saving time,workmanship and metarial.

Paver pedestals can be used on all walkable terraces, balconies, technical platforms, petroleum facilities,laboratories, resting storehouses, industry facilities (automobile, mettallurgy, chemistry, food sector etc.), around pools, garden terraces, in any closed and open areas.

Support E Screwjack Pedestals

Support Packet System

Armada Groupe, attended the 2019 BAU& which the leading representatives of the construction sector showed great interest.

Sydney Build 2019|Sydney, Australia
From March 14th to 15th we will be present at the most important international fair of architecture and construction in Sydney, Australia.

Armada Groupe attented the 37th. Turkey Build Exhibition which took place in İstanbul and presented its new brand Armroof Green. Armada Groupe which has managed to attract the attention with its challenging products, in the fair proved its leading in the construction industry again.

ARMADA GROUPE attended with his Russian distributor TERRADECK, the BATIMAT Fair which is organized in Moscow between 1-4 April 2014.


Support screw jack pedestals are used at The project of Zaha Hadid, Hayder Aliyev Cultural Center in Azerbaijan. The brand new landmark of Baku.

Support screw jack pedestals are used at The project of Zorlu Center’ s terrace

Armada Groupe to take place at the Director of Religious Affairs mosque’s projectı.

Screw jack pedestals are used at the project of Turkey’s highest building Sapphire.